Tonny is the spark KOESWOYO art music of the soul brothers. Tonnny born in Tuban, East Java. Since music plays from the small bucket and waskom with lidi stick that has been given the cashew fruit is still on the tip of the bud . This spirit continues to reverberate when Tonny where teenagers begin to buy the acoustic guitar's place and continue to encourage loak himself even though his father, Mr.Koeswoyo not so just leave her son to become a musician this.

Become a challenge for Tonny to present as strong musicians who have dinusantara this name. In the year 1951 the family moved to Jakarta Koeswoyo. Koeswoyo are also employees of the Government of the Netherlands since fashioned a government employee but the Dutch have a high nationalistic spirit. But this attitude into the community because of anti starch have worked with the Netherlands. And may also be a basic right to move to live jakarta property Mendawai III / 4 Kebayoran new (home ministry official in the country).

Koeswoyo then give boys spirit that makes the spirit to spur Tonny's brothers. Tonny play music with friends in group band called Voice Teenage joyful and youthful. As another friend Tonny Sophan Sopian, Yan mintaraga (comicus). In 1960 the music world more like the music group everly brothers and kalin twin.

Tonny colors make music developed in the track that we encourage the national community. Kus Brothers, which was then known KUSBROS is koeswoyo family; Koesdjono (đơn), Koestono (Tonny), Koesnomo (Nomo), Koesyono (Yon) and Koesroyo (yok) and known people and start the action from stage to stage. The song's creation and the spirit of the national music Dilirik Mas Yos by the owner as recorded rhythm. accompany the album recording Kus Bros. is known as community groups band everly brothers Indonesia.

Mp3 Music Collection Of Koes Plus

Koes Plus is Rock and Roll music indonesia. they have abaout 160 music album between 1960 until 2009. if the world have the beatles, in indonesia we have Koes Plus, they is the king of Pop indonesia. here, i will give to you all mp3 that you can download. Enjoy and rilex with Koes Plus music.